One-Trick Pony

Confidences (9)

Confidences or Shenanigans in an empty bunkhouse. At supper, Puck grabbed my hand and pulled me around the corner of the main house, out of sight of the crowd of hungry people. “That shit in the paddock today…almost killed me,” he said, before splaying his hand against my chest and attacking my mouth with his. … Continue reading Confidences (9)

Voyeuristic Intentions (8)

Voyeuristic Intentions or Prelude to an Unavoidable Reckoning I dreamed of a giant gnat choking me on its huge, human cock.  When I woke I was very hard and extremely confused, until I recalled inhaling a bug in the woods just before I’d stuck my dick down Puck’s willing throat.  Puck… My hand drifted to … Continue reading Voyeuristic Intentions (8)

Into the Woods (7)

Into the Woods or Not a Very Smooth Seduction I gazed at the small crowd on the front lawn of the main house before descending from the porch and stepping onto the grass of the lawn. Adam waved me over to where he stood beside Kamal at the large grill, conversing in the evening light. … Continue reading Into the Woods (7)


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