Starting May 14th!

Oliver Lambert has taken his photography skills and run with them. By the time he’s thirty, he’s made a name for himself and now has jobs whenever he needs them. He likes to be behind the camera, looking at the world through a safe lens, protected from actually engaging with it.

A chance meeting takes him somewhere he never expected to find himself – a kinky fetish ranch in the Muskokas where men pay to play pony and trainers teach them how to behave.

Adam Marsland wants a visual record of The Braided Crop Ranch and it’s been awhile since the website photographs were updated. He hears about Oliver through a friend and immediately hires the man to come for the summer session to immerse himself in the ranch and its activities.

Oliver is out of his depth, but the challenge of photographing the beautiful men of the BCR is something he can focus on. Safe behind the lens of his camera, Oliver finds the ranch to be seductive and shocking. He can’t help admitting to be fascinated by the people that make the BCR what it is.

But just because he knows how to take a great photo doesn’t mean he feels entirely comfortable with everything he’s witnessing.

Contains: voyeurism, second-hand embarrassment, awkward conversations, a very introverted photographer, and several surprising developments, along with all the regular kink and pony play elements.