Lorraine and Teagan (5)

Lorraine and Teagan*


An Early Morning Reward

*I changed the name of the muscular ponyboy from Chris to Teagan. The name has been updated in the previous episode where he was mentioned.

I called my first morning in the grooming barn a success.

When the stable hands took the ponyboys to their trainers, I scrolled through some of the images I’d taken, and my belly clenched with excitement—both at the raw sexuality and beauty captured in the shots and also at the photos themselves. 

I was pleased. This project beat taking photos of fruits and vegetables in so many ways. I wasn’t sure I could go back to that, to be honest. But I wasn’t going to worry about it right now. I couldn’t fight the silly grin on my face as I folded up the tripod and packed my fancy camera into its bag.

Liv and Adrian returned shortly.

“Hey, Oliver,” Adrian said. “Did you get some sexy shots?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Lorraine wanted me to suggest you come and take some photos of her session with Teagan, if you want to,” Liv said as she got to work tidying up. “They’re in the arena right now.”

Hmm. I’d already packed my fancy gear away but I had my handheld with me. 

“Sure. Is it okay if I leave my gear here? I’ll just take my small camera.” I held up my compact Nikon.

“Yeah, of course. Just tuck it beside the table. It’ll be safe.”

I nodded. “All right. Have a good morning, then.”

Adrian grinned, waggling his eyebrows. “You, too.”

I grinned. “Plan to.”

On my way to the arena from the grooming barn, I once again admired the picturesque grounds of the Braided Crop Ranch.

Green and gold grass stretched to the edges of the thick forest on three sides, and to the main house and parking lot on the fourth. Adam had mentioned a spot on the lake for swimming, and I looked forward to taking advantage of that very soon. The day was already hot, and sweat had gathered on the back of my neck from the short walk.

I gazed at the bunkhouse in the distance, wondering if Puck had returned to bed or if he was up and wandering around, or reading a book, or playing video games. The image of him from this morning came back to me, causing my heart to stutter in my chest and my cock to thicken. 

I stopped and scrolled through the photos on the Nikon to the ones I’d taken first thing this morning–of Puck pissing into the morning dew. When I saw them, I returned to that raw and intimate moment, experiencing again Puck’s disdainful attitude and my helplessness to do anything about the attraction I felt.

The photos were beautiful.

I suppose taking pictures of cucumbers and zuchinis had been good practice for framing shots of penises. I examined what I could see of Puck’s un-circumsized dick as he performed the most basic of acts in the close-up images. It was fairly ordinary, medium-sized in its relaxed state, but I couldn’t help admiring its soft curves and the way the foreskin hugged the head as the yellow piss streamed forth.

I’d captured the action, so to speak, and there was no doubt what was going on. The long-shots of his stance, open jeans, hand holding onto himself, and the hot piss arching into the dewy grass, were surprisingly erotic, if you were into men. Which I was, and, presumably, as were most of the anticipated audience. I didn’t shy away from normal bodily functions. It was something gay men had to deal with in our sexual encounters and those sorts of things didn’t gross us out. In some instances, they were desirable aspects of our sexuality.

We could be pigs, I guess. Although, it seemed at least a few of us were ponies.

I took one last look at Puck’s casual stance and clicked the viewer closed, walking forward and pulling open the door to the arena. As soon as I stepped inside, the sound of boots on floorboards echoed loudly and Lorraine’s voice sounded.

“Knees up. Good. One more circle of the room and then come to stand for me.”

I closed the door and walked to where Lorraine stood in the middle of the room, watching Teagan as he trotted at a moderate pace. Although I was incredibly attracted to Puck’s lithe form in the pony gear, I appreciated the sight of Teagan’s substantial muscles and tight glutes, emphasized by the leather harness and posture-enhancing arm bands.

Where Puck was a fiery colt, Teagan was a prize stallion—the epitome of commercial male beauty in a kinky, equine package. He was beautiful and strong and majestic. While his presence didn’t affect my heart and soul the way Puck’s did, my cock hardened and my heartbeat quickened at the look of him.

I lifted my camera with one hand and took a series of quick, offhand captures as he jogged to us and Lorraine greeted me.

“Oliver. So glad you could join us.”

She didn’t take her eyes off her charge, but watched him closely as he slowed and stopped in front of her.

“Thanks for the invite.”

“Of course. You might as well see what you’ll be working with.” She reached out and lifted her hand up before Teagan’s face, presenting the back of it to him. “Lick.”

Obediently, Teagan’s lips opened and his pink tongue emerged to swipe across Lorraine’s brown skin as she smiled.

“Very good ponyboy. You have pleased me.”

At her words, Teagan stood taller and glowed with pleasure. His cheeks, flushed from the exertion, darkened further as he waited for instructions.

“Oliver has come to take some photos of you, Teagan.”

His gaze shifted to me with suspicion and, perhaps, jealousy? He’d seemed curious about me and my camera in the grooming barn, but now I sensed a protective energy from him, as if he didn’t want to share his mistress with anyone.

I couldn’t blame him, really.

Lorraine, although tiny, had the gravitas of a much larger person. She had a masculine energy, clothed in a feminine package. I sensed an indomitable will. 

In a different, but equally valid, way to Kamal, she commanded respect. Charisma? Presence? Whatever it was, it oozed from her pores like a truth serum.

“Answer me,” she ordered.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Will you stand still and let Oliver take some photos?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Teagan’s blue eyes shifted to me as he extended his neck and lifted his chin. 

“He’s covered with sweat and breathing hard, Oliver. Take some photos before he cools down. Show what a ponyboy’s body looks like after a good trot around the arena.”

“Sure,” I said. I had been tempted to say ‘Yes, Ma’am’, but refrained.

I held the digital camera to my face and circled Teagan, taking shots of his backside, thick thighs, and strong calves. The Docs on his feet were scuffed with use and I imagined each pair was worn by a multitude of different ponyboys. I focused in on the boots’ utilitarian and much-fetishized appeal as Teagan stood motionless before Lorraine.

Then I took shots of Teagan’s broad back, dotted with beads of perspiration, and his powerful shoulders and neck. I came around in front of him and captured the swell of his pecs and abdomen framed by the leather straps of the black body harness. A sweep of blond hair covered Teagan’s chest and a narrower trail led under the pelvic strap of the harness to where his huge cock nestled in its steel confines like a sleeping tiger.

“We had to find the extra large cage for this one,” Lorraine murmured, reaching out a delicate finger to touch one of the metal bars of the device, close to Teagan’s bulging flesh.

He hissed quietly and visibly resisted moving away from her touch.

“We have the applicants send in their measurements when they register, so we can plan some gear out, and when we got Teagan’s we double-checked that they were accurate, then found the extra large cage from our very first session. We had a ponyboy named Henry that first session, who needed a very large cage but we haven’t used it since. He was a gorgeous redhead. Well, he had red hair in other places, too.” She winked.

Teagan shifted his feet as Lorraine continued to touch the bars of the cock cage, occasionally gliding her pretty finger over Teagan’s swollen flesh with deliberate lightness.

“They like to be teased, Oliver. Most of them. They like being trapped with no hope of an orgasm until their trainer takes the damn thing off.”

“Do they?” I asked, unabashedly taking close-ups of the delicate curve of Lorraine’s forearm, her small brown hand, and the slim finger tracing designs on Teagan’s captive cock. Nobody seeing these photos would know the subjects by name, only as ponyboy and trainer, but the dynamic would be obvious. 

“Yes, they do. Teagan knows he is mine to do with as I please during his training session. And he only hopes he pleases me enough by being obedient and following my instructions, and excelling at the tasks I set him, that I uncage him and give him some relief at the end of it.”

I stopped shooting for several moments as the meaning behind this statement of Lorraine’s sank in. I lowered the camera and met her frank gaze.

“You mean, you—what do you mean, exactly?”

She smiled with an honest pleasure as she said, “If a ponyboy is good for me I uncage him and jerk him off at the end of the session. It’s a reward for good behaviour and a motivation for the same.”

I blinked, picturing this confident and intimidating woman unlatching Teagan’s cage and taking him in hand to the point of orgasm. My cock, which had exhibited a casual interest in the proceedings so far, perked up with interest.

I cleared my throat and adjusted myself. “Really?”

She nodded. “Really. I glove-up of course. Wouldn’t want to get any fluids on me. We do take certain precautions here at the ranch, even though everyone is regularly screened.”

The way in which she spoke of this—procedure—made me thrill to see it. But I didn’t have time to stay for Teagan’s entire session this morning. I’d promised Adam I’d take some still shots of the main house before joining him for lunch at the resort café. Lorraine must have seen the disappointment on my face.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just—“ I laughed, embarrassed. “That sounds like quite the thing to see. But I have to get back to the main house soon and I won’t be able to stay for Teagan’s session. In order to—see how things–come off.”

Lorraine laughed. “What a shame. Well, he has been astonishingly pliant for me already this morning. I could demonstrate right now.”

Teagan made an eager noise as his eyes flew wide. A shudder wracked his body as Lorraine jiggled his cock in the device, as if guessing at the weight of bagged produce.

I puffed an excited breath out. “Okay. Sure. Yeah. I’d like to see that.”

“Hmm, what do you think, Teagan? Can I count on you to continue with the good behaviour for the remainder of your session, if I reward you now? Sometimes it’s more difficult to give your all after you’ve climaxed. You’ll have to fight against the natural urge to want to lie down.”

“Yes, Ma’am. I’ll be good. I promise.” Teagan’s voice was deep and husky, full of desire for what his trainer had proposed.

Lorraine smiled slowly and shrugged, looking at me. “Some of the ponyboys are reluctant to have a woman trainer. They don’t think I can match a man for dominance and skill. They soon learn that I can.” 

She lifted her forearm in the air, straightening her fingers and pressing her thumb flat against them, so her hand became a streamlined triangle. She swivelled it slowly to emphasize the delicate shape and winked at me.

“Small hands can be an asset. They can get into all kinds of secret places.” She gazed meaningfully at Teagan’s ass as he paled and uttered a gasp. The thought of petite, delicate Lorraine burying her small hand and forearm in Teagan’s ass made my cock throb. Teagan shuddered. 

“You know, we do keep very long gloves at the ranch, for special occasions.”

“Good Lord,” I commented, blushing. “I believe you.”

“You seem to be taking all of this in stride, Oliver. Do you have experience with heavy kink?”

I inclined my head. “I’ve been involved in some fetish photography in the past, yes. But not to this level. It’s been an education.”

She giggled. “Oh, you will learn all kinds of wonderful things during your stay, I’m sure.” 

Lorraine deftly unlatched the cage surrounding Teagan’s penis. As she slipped it off, his cock swelled and straightened in front of us. The girth of it was intimidating.

“You’d think I’d need both hands to tame this monster,” she commented. “But I’ve found if I use one hand in just the right way, it works fairly well.”

Teagan groaned and licked his lips, glancing from Lorraine to me and back to Lorraine again. He shifted his feet as his cock swayed and leaked before him.

“Here, Oliver,” Lorraine said, wrapping the empty cock cage in a handkerchief she pulled from her pocket, and passing it to me. “Put it on the table and come back here.”

“Sure,” I said, tearing my eyes off of Teagan’s erection and doing Lorraine’s bidding. 

By the time I returned to them, Lorraine had pulled on a rubber glove and was squeezing lube out of a small tube into her hand, while Teagan watched with eager eyes.

“Spread your legs.”

Teagan moved his legs apart and Lorraine wrapped her small hand around his large appendage and began to work it. 

I lifted my camera.

Teagan’s gaze shifted to me as he made soft noises of pleasure. For a second I wished I could capture that look on his face, of rapture and pride and gratitude. His cheeks were flushed from exertion and arousal, and perhaps some embarrassment at being on display. But I aimed the camera lower and focused on Lorraine’s hand and Teagan’s cock as things got going.

She was right about using her small hand in just the right way. Lorraine was clearly adept at handling penises. Her fingers seemed to be everywhere at once. She changed up her tempo and her grip to keep him engaged, and no doubt the fact that his arms were captive and he was under the curious gaze of a virtual stranger helped make the situation even more appealing to Teagan’s kinky nature.

My brain and body responded to the tantalizing image of the muscular ponyboy at his trainer’s mercy, his dick an entertaining object in her expert grasp.

Lorraine’s petite lips opened as she concentrated, and Teagan’s moans of bliss became stuttering gasps as he approached his climax.

With a series of practiced twists of her delicate wrist, Lorraine brought Teagan to the edge and over it, the milky surge of his semen oozing over her knuckles as she continued her manipulations. Teagan’s primal groan echoed off the walls of the arena, and I took a series of photo bursts of the event as my heart hammered in my chest and my cock throbbed with envy.

When Teagan’s orgasm waned and he sagged with relief, Lorraine released him and peeled off her rubber glove, crooning and reassuring her charge.

“Very, very good. I think Oliver got some lovely photographs of you, my pet.”

I cleared my throat, attempting to quell my own excitement. “I did. Lots.”

“Hmm. I think Oliver appreciated our performance in more than simply an artistic capacity.”

I glanced down at my shorts where a definable tent from my erection was visible. I shrugged and grinned.

“Can you blame me?” I wasn’t embarrassed in the least. What gay man wouldn’t have gotten hard from that?

The tinkling of Lorraine’s musical laugh soothed my spirit and revived my energy. I began to take shots of her ponyboy’s penis as it slowly softened and shrank. I zoomed in on a remaining bubble of semen as it emerged from the tip and hung, suspended by an extending thread, before separating and dropping to the floor. 

That image would make it onto the website. I was almost positive.

“Lorraine. Teagan. That was incredible. Thank you.” I replaced the lens cap and smiled.

Teagan said nothing, but Lorraine touched my arm. “You’re very welcome, Oliver. Come back and watch us anytime you like.”

She left Teagan to recover and took her soiled glove to the waste basket under the table. I followed, knowing I had to get back to the main house but not wanting to leave.

She glanced at me curiously. “Are you interested in watching Kamal with Puck this afternoon?”

Oh dear God. Yes, yes and yes.

“Sure,” I said, trying to quell my eagerness.

“I’ll let him know to expect you, then.”

“Thank you.”

“No, thank you, Oliver. I can see that Adam has hired a consummate professional. I have no doubt you will do the BCR proud with your captures.”

“I certainly hope so.”

I walked back to the main house, leaving Lorraine and her spent ponyboy to the remainder of their session. Teagan would have to reassemble his energy. It would be a slog but he might just be hard again by the end of it. Perhaps, if he was a very good ponyboy, Lorraine would reward him a second time.

My mind returned to the memories of her long fingers working Teagan over, and I tried not to get hard again. This ranch was a trip, for sure.

The anticipation of being in the ring with Kamal and Puck this afternoon made me giddy with desire.

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